This is the WordPress site for contemporary British artist Chuck Elliott.

For the past ten years I’ve been using digital drawing tools to create large C-type photographic prints. Sculpting new abstract forms, and using digital tools to draw, refine and colour series of images that I think of as ‘liquid geometries’. I’m essentially dealing with the most basic, or elemental, of materials, line, form, light, movement and colour, and combining these in myriad new ways that would have been unthinkable prior to the advent of computers.

In essence, the project uses these latest tools to further research, explore and build on the practice of C20th modernist and contemporary artists. The completed works take the form of limited edition photographic prints, often Diasec mounted and laser cut.

I’m primarily using this WordPress blog as the news page for my website https://www.chuckelliott.com. I hope you’ll be able to find listings here for upcoming exhibitions, gallery shows, fairs and events, alongside images and links for new works that I’m drawing in the studio. I’ll also be posting views and critical writing, both by myself and others. If you’d like to ‘follow’ the blog, you’ll receive an email update each time there’s a new post. If you’d like more frequent updates, I also have a Twitter page that I try to keep up to date here – Twitter

For further queries, or if you’d simply like to be added to my show list, please email me here mailto:chuckelliottuk(at)gmail.com

Thanks for your interest!

My main website is here www.chuckelliott.com

Further links here

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