Touch / Screen : Chuck Elliott and Matthew Small at the James Freeman Gallery

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13 February– 29 March 2014

Look around you in a public place, and almost everyone will be somewhere else, lost in their own virtual otherwhere. This is the digital future: absent communication. Touch/Screen sets out to look at that gap we fall into between the physical and the virtual, using the work of two very different artists: Matthew Small, a painter of raw tactile portraits of urban youth, and Chuck Elliott, a digital artist who gives structure and colour to the digital ether. Somewhere in between is where we spend an increasing part of our lives – somewhere between touch and the screen.

James Freeman

Link to James Freeman gallery here

A last chance to see the two man show Touch / Screen at James Freeman’s gallery on Upper Street, Islington, which will be on until the end of the week, the end of a six week run. The show has been really well received, with a number of friends commenting on how much they liked the offset between my own pieces and Mark’s portraits. It’s been great to be back at James’ gallery for a second time in less than 12 months. We were lucky enough to be listed on Mutual Art’s ’10 to see this month’ global exhibition listing too. Link here –

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